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1Book Collection Software  v.2.7Home & Education / Miscellaneous$39.95Shareware6.22 Mb
2Book cataloging and utility collection  v.1.0Development / Databases & NetworksFreeFreeware0 Kb
3Social Book Mark Tool Book Marking Demon Software Guidance  v.5.1.1Web Development / Miscellaneous-Shareware1.37 Mb
4Coloring Book Software to make a kids childrens coloring book  v.9.0Internet / EmailFreeFreeware2.07 Mb
5CD Collection  v.2.21Home & Education / Miscellaneous$29.95Shareware1.06 Mb
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1Book Label 2012  v.4.0Home & Education / Miscellaneous$39.95SharewareDetail

Book Label 2012 helps you organize your book collection. The information about your collection is indexed automatically, using online databases. Images of your book covers are retrieved from Amazon. Book Label help you keep track of loans and future

10.82 Mb
2Booxter  v.1. 6. 2002Home & Education / Miscellaneous$14.99SharewareDetail

Booxter is an application to help you manage your book collection. Booxter gathers book information from various sources on the internet to allow you to view, edit, sort, categorize, export, and print books in your collection. With Booxter you

993 Kb
3Ebook Collection Software  v.2.7Home & Education / Miscellaneous$39.95SharewareDetail

Ebook Collection Software is the first choice if you face book organizing problems! It's a really first-class book organizer! It knows everything about books and works wonders! Ebook Collection Software can access all book libraries popular on the

6.15 Mb
4All My Books  v.3.6Home & Education / Hobby$39.95SharewareDetail

Organize your collection of paper books into an electronic library. Add books easily without typing full details: All My Books gets information about the book from the Internet automatically. Track loaners and locate every book in just seconds.

10.65 Mb
5Biblio  v.1-5Desktop / Miscellaneous$31.50SharewareDetail

Biblio helps you organise your book collection. Store a broad range of information about your collection in Biblio and admire your library from different points of view. Biblio will be the exhaustive source of information about your book collection.

3.4 Mb
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1Book Label 2012  v.4.0Home & Education / Miscellaneous$39.95Shareware10.82 Mb

book, book collection, book database, collector, collection, organizer, book manager, library

2Accounting of Books, CDs and other Collections  v.2.01.01Home & Education / HobbyCommercial41.96 Mb

administration, management books, book, collection, manage collection, coins, dvd, lending, book lending, software, program, articles, object, program description, buy, categories, individual, characteristics, role

3ReportCD  v.1.54Home & Education / Hobby$12.00Shareware12.49 Mb

catalog, disk collection, books, comics, divx

4ReportCD Collection Manager  v.1.59.2Home & Education / Miscellaneous$15.00Shareware12.49 Mb

collection, catalog, movie, game, mp3, software, dvd, disk collection, database, mediatek, book, books, comics, divx

5Book Library  v.1.2.095Business / Organizers & PIMs$24.95Shareware5.19 Mb

magazine, newspaper

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